INTERAXIS is a premium VoIP provider in Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Our service is designed to provide customers with a level of quality they would expect from VoIP lines. INTERAXIS is a global VoIP solution providers with direct contracts with international telecommunications providers across the globe. Our primary business includes A-Z termination services, Retail & Reseller solutions for VOIP services.

Our termination destinations include India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, UAE, Ethiopia and almost all other destinations.

In addition to these services INTERAXIS also delivers a range of VoIP products and services to the retail market, providing affordable international calling services to individuals around the world. INTERAXIS delivers a range of integrated VoIP communications products and services to SMEs looking for reliable, competitively-priced solutions to their communication needs.

At INTERAXIS, we believe in transparency. We pride ourselves on being accountable to our customers and upholding the highest standard of service to achieve wholesale and retail customer loyalty and satisfaction.

INTERAXIS is committed to helping resellers leverage on the latest internet technologies and infrastructure so that you can provide the services your customers need without a large investment. We strive to provide personal service to all our resellers.

INTERAXIS offers you the ability to start offering your own telecommunications services using VoIP with ease and speed. We are committed to providing personal service to all our resellers.

Mission & Vision

Our objective is development and implementation of high-performance VoIP solutions and services for modern Telecom. Our global presence and growing network of partners and associates make communication possible for everyone at affordable cost.Our vision of the future communications is a world where information is transferred without limits of boundaries.

VoIP Termination

A-Z termination(White CLI Routes) services.
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Calling cards

Provide a full scale of calling card services.
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