Retail services

Our Retail voice provides very high quality worldwide voice termination through a single connection to Interaxis’s network Via TDM or IP. It’s a cost effective way for traffic direction to the specified destination using Carrier voice’s extensive coverage. Interaxis Retail provides premium quality termination to either hard to reach or hard to maintain destinations. Our Retail Product is specially designed to suit retail providers who have a limited termination pool or limited routing resources. Since we route directly to either an incumbent carrier/PTT or a highly screened, locally interconnected carrier we guarantee high quality retail termination.

VoIP Reseller Program

All-in-One VoIP Solutions for Your Business.Our VoIP Reseller Program provides everything you need to sell VoIP, including all dialers and software, 24×7 technical support, one-on-one account managements, and online tools to help manage customers and accounts. Contact us for a free test account and custom rate quote and start selling tomorrow!.

Feature and Benefits

  • Low A-Z Rates.

    The Best VoIP Rates to 1,200+ Destinations.We actively collaborate with over 200 carriers worldwide to secure the best, lowest VoIP rates in the market. Plus, our account managers will negotiate rate plans that fit your specific business needs, providing you the most flexibility when building customer VoIP plans for your customers.

  • Account Management.

    Real-Time Account Management.Your reseller panel and call detail records update in real-time. You can monitor active calls, account usage, top destinations and more from any internet-connected device. The panel is even optimized for mobile users and looks great in iPhone and Android browsers.

  • Customize Rates.

    Customize Rates for Your Customers.Customers using our VoIP reseller panel can customize the rate sheet provided to individual client accounts or agents. Use this to create promotional rates, different pricing ‘tiers’, or get even more creative with price-targeting that fits your business and market.

  • Mobile and PC Dialers.

    We offer mobile dialers for: iPhone/iOS, Nokia/Symbian, Android, & more.Also PC-to-Phone Dialers - Windows, Mac OS & Linux platforms.Our high-quality dialers emulate each device’s native user interface, providing a seemless calling solution for your customers.

  • Antiblock for U.A.E., Kuwait, & other countries.

    Antiblock (also called VPN) prevents ISPs from monitoring and blocking your customers’ VoIP calls. Call quality remains the same, but your customers will be able to make calls without being blocked.We provide dialers with built-in antiblock customized for your country and actively monitor for new blocks. As with all of our software, this is provided free-of-charge to resellers.

  • Distributed Server Network.

    Our servers are located worldwide, maintain constant geographically-independent backups, and include automatic failovers to reroute dropped calls before your customers even notice.

  • 24×7 Technical Support.

    Chat with support 24×7 online, or submit a support ticket through your panel to escalate the service request. Most tickets are resolved within hours. And because of our distributed server network and expert full-time staff, our overall network and service quality is the best in the industry.

VoIP Termination

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Calling cards

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